The winners

The biggest winners of Durham Bowls are the students of Durham Public Schools! Students across the district, from kindergarten through high school, will see Durham Bowls on their lunch menus.

The awards

At the Durham Bowls tasting event in October 2018, a panel of student judges (ages 5-16) tasted all 10 dishes. After careful deliberation, they assigned the awards. Meanwhile, the nearly 400 attendees were each able to cast their own vote for the People’s Choice Award.


People’s Choice Award Winner


Team Turquoise — Vegan Goodies Bowl: mac n’ “cheese,” collards, and chickpea nuggets


Ms. Keshia Jones (Eno Valley Elementary School) + Chef Stephanie Terry (Sweeties Southern & Vegan Catering)

Yummiest dish

Team Light Blue — Chicken & Cornbread Dumplings

Best use of local veggies

Team Black — The Big Dipper Bowl: Carrot Dip & Local Veggies

Best idea for new school food

Team Red — Cuban-Style Pork & Rice

Most colorful

Team Orange — Thai Chicken and Curried Vegetable Bowl with Coconut Rice

Most creative

Team Yellow — The Y.E. Smith Power Bowl: Chicken and Kale Fiesta

Best smelling

Team Pink — Creamy Dreamy Chicken Rice Bowl with a Cheesy Quesadilla

The one my friends will like the most

Team Turquoise — Vegan Goodies Bowl: mac n’ “cheese,” collards, and chickpea nuggets

Most likely to sell out at school

Team Dark Blue — Sweet Potato, Kale & Smoked Mozzarella Flatbread with Chopped Salad

Most likely to keep me fueled up all day

Team Green — The DB Poke Bowl

Best representation of a unique food culture in Durham

Team Purple — Chickpea and Chicken Buddha Bowl